Advice on covering scratches and chips

Advice on covering scratches and chips

There’s no denying that free standing cast iron baths are the quintessential means of luxury bathing, possessing unrivalled thermal abilities that keep your tub warmer for longer. Created using both contemporary and classic techniques, our bathtubs truly feel like they are the genuine article. Easy to clean and designed to last, the baths that we stock are a long-term investment worth your money.

With bathtubs, going back to a design from an older time may seem like a major step backwards. However, the truth is that you couldn’t be more wrong. By refinishing an antique such as the cast iron bath, you can actually save yourself a bit of cash. After all, if your tub requires a refurbishing and nothing more, then this would be a cheaper option than replacing it outright. If you’re not sure as to how you are meant to go about revamping your bath, don’t worry; we have some advice than might help.

For baths that possess deep chips and scratches, administering fibreglass putty via a towel can be an excellent strategy. Remember to allow time for your fibreglass to harden before you get to work sanding it with some grit paper. What this will do is knock out those high spots.

The next thing you need to do is utilise an 80-grit paper in order to smoothen things out more and even everything a little better. You might discover that your bath has but a few pockmarks instead of bad scratches and chips. Should this prove to be the case, make use of a polyester glazing putty to fill the pockmarks in. After this has set, sand it down in the exact manner that you would with the fibreglass.

At Country Cast Baths, every bath in our possession comes complete with traditional claw or cast iron ball feet. We are well aware of the role that these tubs fulfil as bathroom centre points, which is why our products are made using only superior quality materials and include an outstanding finish.

If our free standing cast iron baths have caught your attention and you’d like additional details on them, you’re more than welcome to call us.

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