Adding real substance to a bathroom

Adding real substance to a bathroom

Free standing cast iron baths are renowned for their aesthetic qualities. They are luxurious and stylish, meaning they will easily become a focal point of your bathroom. They are also celebrated because the durability of the material means they will last for years, outlasting many alternative materials.

The iron used to manufacture the baths makes them very heavy. This offers a number of advantages, making each tub more durable and less likely to warp and bend. The weight also gives the bath more presence, turning it into a much more substantial aspect of the room. An added enamel layer on the inner surface adds to the durability and also provides improved resistance to stains and cracks.

Alongside the many benefits, the weight of the baths can create some potential challenges. The baths need to be correctly positioned and installed on a flat surface so that the weight is spread out evenly and bathing remains comfortable. It is also important to make sure the floor is suitably reinforced to bear the weight, if this is required. A good tip is to place the tub close to load bearing walls.

When it comes to positioning, free standing baths offer a major advantage as they can be placed practically anywhere. The taps for the bath can be installed at either end, or even in the middle of the bath if you want to mount them. Alternatively, you can opt for floor taps. Ultimately this choice gives you more flexibility when it comes to the plumbing and positioning too. With more freedom to place the bath, you can make sure the floor will be stable, deflection free and able to handle the weight, giving you the chance to enjoy an unbeatable bathing experience for many years to come.

At Country Cast Baths we are committed to providing top quality products and expert advice to people considering investing in a stylish cast iron tub. We have a wide selection of baths, fixtures and fittings available including several different styles and finishes to suit all tastes. Get in touch with us and we will do all we can to help you to find the perfect solution for your bathroom.

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