A traditional bath that works for modern homes too

A traditional bath that works for modern homes too

If you are remodelling your bathroom you may want to consider the addition of a cast iron bath. Although they have been around for a couple of centuries, they have regained popularity in recent years to become the essential item for anyone looking to add the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary charm to their bathroom. Our cast iron baths with classic claw feet and cast iron ball offer the perfect solution, and are sure to add a wonderful finishing touch to your new bathroom.

Iron baths offer a wide range of advantages that make them the ideal long term and financial investment for your property. As they do not require any walls to be ripped out to accommodate them, they can usually be easily installed. Your bath can be placed in the spot of your choice and simply plumbed in. Their flexibility enables the easy transformation of any bathroom.

After purchasing an old property, many people leave the iron bath in place as they are capable of remaining in fantastic condition for many years. This is due to their immense durability. They are specially coated, hardwearing and highly resistant to limescale. They require minimal cleaning and their appearance can be easily maintained. When combines with their superior comfort and the fact that they retain heat for longer, it seems like cast iron baths offer a host of advantages which make them a great long term investment for your home.

We are leading suppliers of the finest quality freestanding cast iron baths. We specialise in providing affordable products, excellent quality and the highest standard of customer service. We invite our customers to view our extensive selection of baths and we are able to provide delivery or you may collect if required. We keep a full selection of stock at our own facilities and we ensure our customers receive the best bath for their properties.

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