A stylish choice that you can personalise in a number of ways

A stylish choice that you can personalise in a number of ways

Cast iron baths are typically available in two distinct styles: rectangular panelled and freestanding. The first is like a plastic or ceramic bath with side panels to cover the plumbing and supports underneath the tub. They have the durable enamel interior that is synonymous with this kind of bath, but they may lack the roll top finish.

Freestanding tubs are more decorative and can be positioned anywhere in a room rather than solely in corners. They have the tough enamel interior and also feature the roll top edges. These baths can stand on clawed or balled feet, a plinth, or wooden sleepers. Some of the models even feature skirts that reach to the floor.

A great thing about many freestanding cast iron baths is that the exterior can be painted in different colours. This allows people to decide what colour they want and gives them an additional opportunity to personalise the tub to suit their needs. They could opt for a shade that complements their other decoration choices or one that creates contrast and makes the tub stand out even more.

A good tip if you want the bath to be the main focal point in the bathroom is to select a bright colour that stands out. You can then place the bath in a prominent position where the light will shine on it and make the tub look even brighter.

To personalise the tub even further there will be a wide array of taps to choose between. These can either be mounted to the bath itself or can be floor standing. This gives you another great choice and the opportunity to personalise another aspect of the bath.

At Country Cast Baths we have a collection of beautiful bathtubs. We aim to offer the very best products to customers, giving them beautiful free standing cast iron baths that will last for many, many years. You can buy from us with the confidence that we only stock carefully selected products that are the highest quality. If you would like help choosing the perfect free standing cast iron baths, for your home please contact us for advice and recommendations.

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