A sandy approach to making cast iron baths

A sandy approach to making cast iron baths

When it comes to luxury bathing, it simply doesn’t get better than cast iron baths. Easy to maintain and possessing unsurpassed thermal properties, this kind of tub is just the ticket if what you are after is a long soak. As specialist providers of these fine bathroom products, we can supply you with top quality items at very reasonable rates.

Cast iron is a rather generic term, which can refer to a plethora of iron-carbon alloys. The names cast and casting iron come from the substances relatively low heating point. At 1,150 degrees Celsius, this material is 26 times warmer than a very hot bath, which permits it to be melted down in order for it to be used to cast items, like our baths for instance, in a mould. After casting, the metal performs excellently under pressure and won’t warp or bend, being incredibly durable.

If you are wondering how the cast iron baths themselves are created, this is often accomplished via sand casting by hand in a foundry. In fact, they were produced in those foundries of the Victorian age in this same way. Sand casting consists of constructing a mould from compacting fine sand in order for it to fit into a metal casting.

The iron is melted to form a liquid substance and is then poured in. This can be done by hand to make certain that the correct thickness and temperature are achieved. After the iron has cooled, the mould is cut to uncover the iron beneath. The tub will have taken on a sandy texture, which is the reason why it can be bit rough to touch. The raw bath interior can then be enamelled and the surface can be polished, painted, or just left as is.

At Country Cast Baths all of our tubs are manufactured with the upmost care and attention. Nothing but the best is given to our clients, particularly when it comes to both the products and customer service.

If our cast iron baths catch your interest and you’d like additional information, we’d be happy to assist you.

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