A perfect representation of the Ryedale region

A perfect representation of the Ryedale region

We pride ourselves on offering a large selection of cast iron baths to clients throughout the UK, and our Ryedale model is one of the most popular and distinctive styles we offer. The people who live in this treasured area of Yorkshire have a real passion for their home, which is imbued through the design of this beautiful bath.

Ryedale is a fitting name for one of our baths due to the nature of the river Rye. For many, Ryedale is the heartland of water within the Yorkshire region due to the number of streams and rivers which converge and flow into it. Being in Ryedale is to be in a beautiful, relaxing environment made peaceful by the gentle flow of water. This is precisely the experience you will get when you invest in one of our Ryedale baths.

The Ryedale model is 1720mm long and just under 700mm wide, making it one of our more compact models and ensuring its popularity among people who have slightly smaller bathrooms but still want the luxury and opulence of a cast iron bath. These dimensions are complemented by a height of slightly under 700mm, figures which belie the fact that it has a full waste system fitted within. Just as Ryedale itself takes up a small yet auspicious area of Yorkshire, this elegant bath will make a brilliant focal point in any bathroom.

No matter how near or far away you are to the real Ryedale, you can bring the beauty of the region to your own home by investing in one of our outstanding baths. With our affordable pricing, choice of different models and commitment to supplying only the very best, we’re the first choice for any home or business owner who wants to make a long term investment and install a stunning bath in their property.

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