A modern method of bathing

A modern method of bathing

Cast iron baths are the brass ring when it comes to the world of luxury bathing. Designed for long soaks and easy maintenance, they possess unmatched thermal properties and promote comfort. As a result they are a really great option for any kind of bathroom.

Bathtub designs have changed substantially over the years. Traditionally the tubs were freestanding and could be moved with ease. This meant they could be put in storage until they were needed. People didn’t have a formal room set aside for them in their homes.

With the development of indoor plumbing came permanent bathrooms. Later on tubs designed to fit into a corner were developed. They saved space and allowed the plumbing to be hidden from view. Even with this though freestanding models, particularly those made from cast iron, are still immensely popular due to their style and elegance. They can also become the focal point for a space.

There’s no denying that freestanding cast iron baths are currently one of the hottest trends in bathroom designs, both literally and figuratively.

Numerous reasons exist as to why this surge in popularity has come about, among which is the sheer versatility of these designs to alter any space in which they are placed. A dramatic addition such as this in anyone’s bathroom can also aid in upping the value of your home, as it gives off a spa-like vibe that makes it seem very high class, something to note if you intend to sell.

These modern designs provide a sense of relaxation and luxury. They can bring out the best in other materials used in the room, including the tiles. As a result you can ensure the bathroom makes the right impression on anybody who steps foot in it.

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In addition, we also supply floor mounted taps and a host of other accessories. For the absolute finest when it comes to bathing, we are the business for you.

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