A cast iron bathtub can make a beautiful centrepiece for your bathroom

A cast iron bathtub can make a beautiful centrepiece for your bathroom

With bathrooms it is important to balance style and functionality to ensure you create a space that is both useful and enjoyable to be in. If you choose a bath you need to opt for one that is stylish, durable and comfortable. There are a great range of options to choose from but only cast iron baths can offer the best in both style and durability. They are a bigger investment than other types of baths, but they are guaranteed to last longer than the alternatives. Most cast iron tubs will give you a lifetime of service.

Cast iron baths make a great centrepiece for a bathroom because there are many elegant designs to choose from, from the most simple and minimal designs to models with intricately designed feet. The beauty of the material gives a sense of calm and flow that every bathroom should have.

Free standing cast iron tubs are one of the most popular choices because they can be positioned anywhere you like, unlike baths that need to be placed against a wall or in a corner. This means you have far more layout opportunities and can choose a more flexible design. You can choose to have the tub raised up, have it right in the centre of the room or place it close to windows to enjoy natural light.

Free standing models can also be positioned and built around if you prefer this kind of layout. Some designers even place them in niches and install traditional showers above them. Cast iron is a very durable material so it won’t warp over time, so if you want to add a shower to your bathtub there is no problem.

More people are considering cast iron baths for their homes because they are stylish and last a considerable amount longer than acrylic, ceramic or porcelain. Why not take a look at our selection of stunning cast iron baths for yourself?

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