A cast iron bath is a long lasting investment

A cast iron bath is a long lasting investment

Embracing the luxury of a timeless classic with cast iron baths has never been easier. There are a number of reasons why making the decision to upgrade this type of sanitary-ware to a carefully crafted piece, such as the ones we provide, is one of the best choices you will make.

When renovating a bathroom there are many things to consider: the colour scheme, whether to add underfloor or radiator heating, wall and floor tiles, fixtures, lighting, toilets, wash basins, and baths. All of these things along with the addition of a few tasteful decorative touches can help you create a pleasant and welcoming environment, but nothing brings this room together quite like its largest occupant: the bath tub.

A cast iron bathtub is a long lasting investment due to the materials used in its construction. These baths are extremely durable and guaranteed to last many years, not to mention that they are easy to clean and maintain.

We provide a variety of tubs including roll top and copper made baths, as well as a variety of accessories so you can easily choose which type best suits your tastes and requirements. As a family run business we care deeply about the satisfaction of our customers and maintain our commitment in not only delivering great products at a superb price, but also by providing a fantastic personal service throughout all transactions.

Country Cast Baths are the preferred providers for builders, contractors, and individuals for the high quality workmanship and reasonable prices we offer, giving anyone the opportunity to acquire a unique piece as an addition to their relaxation havens. We welcome you to view our products in person and only ask that you arrange an appointment by telephone if you wish to pay us a visit.

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