A cast iron bath can be a fine addition to any bathroom

A cast iron bath can be a fine addition to any bathroom

Freestanding cast iron baths are arguably the most beautiful type you can choose. They are typically more decorative than any other style on offer and have the benefit that you can select taps to complement them too. The continued popularity and the fact that people choose the tubs to suit all manner of decoration shows how highly regarded they are.

A number of reasons exist as to why you should purchase a freestanding claw foot bath. The appearance is striking to start with and they can be the focal point of your bathroom. This gives the room both style and character.

If you go with a cast iron claw foot tub, you will find that the manufacturing methods for the style have improved dramatically. The material is renowned for lasting but with advanced techniques the bath can last for years to come. These baths are a true lifetime investment and by buying one, you are investing in the long term. They are deeper than your run of the mill tub and will permit you to have an extensive, relaxing soak too.

Stand alone baths like this are also rather easy to install, because unlike with drop-in tubs there’s no need to alter walls. During installation, you put the bath wherever you want and have the plumbing applied afterwards. You’ll have great freedom in terms of placement as claw foot tubs work equally well at any point in your bathroom.

At Country Cast Baths we have a range of bathtubs on offer. They include those with ball or clawed feet as well as styles that fit flush to the floor. We offer the highest quality products we can, delivering great value for our clients. Additionally, thanks to the non-porous vitreous enamel coat, soap residue and lime scale present no issue to these tubs.

Should you require additional information relating to our products, you need only get in touch with us. We are happy to help and have a great knowledge of every single style we stock.

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