A bath to match both the old and new

A bath to match both the old and new

Free standing cast iron baths are our specialty and this is proven with our reputation for high quality products that come at affordable prices. Being both stylish and timeless, these tubs are designed to fit in perfectly with any bathroom, modern or traditional. In addition, aside from their aesthetic benefits, cast iron models also possess unrivalled thermal properties, which retain the water temperature for much longer. This makes them ideal for those seeking a long soak.

Both claw and ball foot styles of free standing cast iron baths are typically associated with more traditional bathroom designs. All it takes is a little imagination though to see these old-fashioned tubs as the centrepiece of a modern room.

Cast iron baths might be very traditional by design, but calling them old fashioned just simply isn’t valid. These lovely tubs are renowned throughout the world for giving you the ultimate bathing experience, thanks in no small part to their durability and warmth, as well as the beauty of their design. These aspects are enough to make them equally ideal for installation within contemporary or traditional bathrooms.

In previous years the tubs were created in smaller sizes. This was originally because people were shorter in the 19th century and due to the lack of water. Both are no longer the case however, as the tubs today come in numerous sizes to both make a statement in the bathroom and comfortably accommodate every bather.

At Country Cast Baths, we have quite the selection of products in stock. Once ordered, it won’t take long for free standing cast iron baths to get to you. We always ensure that we have some ready and waiting for quick dispatch so customers aren’t kept waiting.

We urge everybody interested in cast iron bathtubs to consider them a long term investment. The durability and timelessness means they can provide generations of service and fit with all of your decoration choices in that time.

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