Your guide to an easier installation

Your guide to an easier installation

We here at Country Cast Baths are proud to offer one of the most splendid collections of bathtubs on the market. Being timeless and luxurious items, the cast iron baths we offer blend in well with just about any home environment. Once fitted bathing in one will make you feel relaxed for longer. Created using both modern and traditional methods, it doesn’t get more authentic than our range.

Installing a bath can be something of a nuisance as there are all sorts of mistakes that can be made during the process. If you end up installing the tub incorrectly, don’t be surprised to find yourself with extra costs and time added on to what is already there. Should you wish to not overly complicate the situation, pay attention to the advice we’ve prepared.

Cast iron tubs are well known for their resilience but that doesn’t mean they can be bundled around without care. In fact, because of their heavy nature, transporting and positioning one often becomes a challenge. Prior to stationing a bath, you need to decide on a suitable approach for doing so. Is it going to stand on feet or the floor itself?

Begin your installation efforts by turning the tub to its side so that the drain hole is within close proximity to the floor’s drain. Afterwards, carry on assembling the siphon. With the assistance of the level, align your bathtub into the correct position. Finally, finish the placement of your bath in the foot ends of its wedges or fixation screws.

At Country Cast Baths, our reputation for outstanding prices and extreme quality has earned us the support of numerous customers throughout the country. In addition, our cast iron baths are also rather simple to clean, being resistant to the likes of both soap residue and lime scale. This means they will last and look great doing so.

If you are interested in finding out more about our products, please let us know.

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