Why invest in a cast iron bath?

Why invest in a cast iron bath?

A cast iron bath may be seen as a large expense compared to bathtubs made out of more usual materials such as acrylic, but free standing cast iron baths are an excellent long term investment for any home. They have a number of inherent benefits when compared to baths made of other materials.

Cast iron has two major qualities which set it apart: durability and beauty. Put simply, there is no topping the aesthetic that a cast iron bathtub can lend to your bathroom. It adds a distinctive rustic look which is much more impressive than the average standard white bath. Many free standing cast iron baths are equipped with claw feet, which simply adds to the aesthetic impact that a cast iron bath provides.

The durability of cast iron baths is also vastly superior. Materials such as acrylic can succumb to scratches and dents. Cast iron isn’t at risk from those problems. It is also highly resistant to cracking. It is inherently more resistant to stronger, more abrasive cleaners, meaning a better clean without the risks of damage occurring. As long as they are kept well maintained, there is no reason why a cast iron bath couldn’t last for several decades.

Cast iron baths also retain heat for longer, meaning your bathwater will remain hot for a longer period of time. This makes bath time a much more pleasant and luxurious experience. If you enjoy long, hot soaks, a cast iron bathtub simply cannot be beat.

By investing in one of our free standing cast iron baths, you are investing in an item where the inherent durability will see it outlast its closest competitors. The aesthetic and practical advantages are simply icing on the cake for a beautiful bathtub that will last you for many years.

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