What to look for when buying a cast iron bath?

What to look for when buying a cast iron bath?

Giving your bathroom a centrepiece can prove to be a challenging task, particularly if there are spatial limitations. Luckily, free standing cast iron baths can save the day. These bathroom features are really stunning, offering decorative touches that no other item can provide. The sensational appearance means they grab attention and can enhance the other items in the room. An important thing to remember though, is to choose the one that best suits you.

What you must take note of is the weight of the bath. It is never easy lifting a large lump of iron, and the truth is these baths are heavy even without water in them. So it is important to consider the strain the cast iron bath may put on your floor, making sure it is entirely suitable. We recommend you avoid tiles, as these can crack easily, and opt for high quality wood flooring.

The way in which free standing cast iron baths are made is fairly complicated, so here’s a digested version for you to cover the basics and still fully understand. Firstly, the metal has to be cast into a mould before enamelling. Once cast it is cleaned using a process called shot blasting. This process involves grit blasted at the cast surface and does the job of removing any dirt.

Enamel is then applied by dusting it onto the metal surface. High temperatures are required, ensuring they are greater than the melting point of the enamel. This is why the process takes place in a furnace. The end result is a smooth covering. Once applied, the enamel can dry.

The question remains, are they right for your home? This all depends on a few factors. If your bathroom is of a traditional style then a cast iron bath will look right in your home. They can look out of place in more modern homes; however people do work around it. Also as mentioned before, you must consider the weight of the bath.

Before selecting a cast iron bath you should ask about the weight, check the enamel, and ensure you are happy with the decorative touches, especially on the feet. Do all this and you can make a decision that is right for your bathroom.

Country Cast Baths can provide you with the relevant information if you are considering free standing cast iron bath. If you require our services get in touch today.

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