What bath is right for me?

What bath is right for me?

With such a wide selection of cast iron baths for you to choose from, deciding the right one is sometimes far from easy. Your style of home is one of the main factors in your decision, but else needs to be considered?

Country Cast Baths are specialists in providing high quality bathtubs and we recommend you think about the following:

– What size bath do you want? When deciding this you should choose the largest bath for the given space available. A lot of people worry if having a large bath makes the space look more crammed, but this isn’t necessarily true. Your eyes will naturally look at the sloping ends of the bath to the floor, giving the illusion of space.

– Polished or painted? This factors into the overall look you want to have. Numerous cast iron baths can be painted on the exterior to strengthen the theme of the bathroom. Or you can go with the polished look, which tends to reflect light enhancing the brightness of your bathroom. The latter option works best for supporting an array of colour schemes.

– What shape? There are many different shapes of bathtubs, including double ended, single ended, bateau or slippered. Double ended designs create a look of symmetry. For a much more relaxed and reclined experience, the slipper style is ideal.

– What taps? The flexibility that comes with taps and cast iron baths is perfect. You can decide between having them fixed on the bath, on the floor, or having a riser so you can fit a shower head. Taps can even be wall mounted, or fixed on standpipes.

Country Cast Baths can help you decide with what bath best suits you. We are recognised as being a reliable company that provides high quality bathtubs to households, builders and traders. If you require our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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