Waste requirements change depending on the situation

Waste requirements change depending on the situation

Cast iron baths might be some of the most classical designs out there, but the wonderful aesthetics make them just as valued with contemporary designs. Being very easy to clean and maintain, and possessing unmatched thermal qualities, they are the go to tubs for many. As one of the top suppliers of these fine fixtures, we are the people to call if you are interested in making an investment.

If there is one thing we can’t deny about a free standing bath, it’s the appeal. Without a doubt, they are beautiful beyond measure, and are capable of adding elegance and glamour to practically any bathroom.

For those who don’t know what they are exactly and how they separate themselves from standard baths, simply put, these tubs are stand alone models. They are either mounted with feet without a connection to supporting wall structures, or sit on the floor directly. This makes placing them far easier and offers more layout options for your bathroom.

Before purchasing a cast iron bath however, certain factors require your consideration.

Prior to investing in a free standing tube, you need to determine whether the installation is part of a re-fit, where you’re replacing a previous bath with this one, or if it forms one element of a complete remodel. If it’s the latter, then steps have to be taken in order to satisfy the required waste and plumbing issues.

If the bath is to function as a replacement, the ramifications of shifting the waste pipe must be given a higher degree of consideration. Contrary to normal fitting, where waste systems are located beneath the bathtub, stand alone baths often demand that the apparatus be positioned below floor level.

At Country Cast Baths, our reputation has been built on us being able to offer outstanding products, prices, and customer service. Repeatedly, clients have come to us seeking the finest cast iron baths on the market, and we have always done our best to ensure that they leave with smiles on their faces.

If our merchandise has caught your attention and you’d like additional information, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

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