The artistic potential of cast iron baths

The artistic potential of cast iron baths

Being the specialists in cast iron baths that we are, our reputation for quality products and prices has only gotten stronger over the years. Understanding bathrooms and how much one of these tubs contributes to their aesthetics, the ones we offer are manufactured using only the finest materials and are given a finish that can only be described as superb. Simple to clean and able to stand the tests of time, these baths are an investment worth making.

A good soak after a busy day is always a great idea, but not every bathroom will be in the most inviting of states. Tubs are often used extensively, with owners typically neglecting to clean them. This can lead to grime build up and stains that are tricky to remove, even with the most effective of cleaning products. For extreme cases, resurfacing the bath may be the only choice available if you wish for it to be presentable again.

One video on YouTube showcased a Victorian cast iron tub that looked like it had been terribly neglected. Early footage of the bath displays it as being stained, rusted and decaying. In instances such as this, the majority of people would immediately deem it rubbish just like that. Fortunately, one glass artist saw the potential possessed by the tub and made use of her artistic abilities to give it new life.

Making use of vitreous enamels, paint and a heated kiln, the artist remodelled the old rusted bathtub into a remarkable piece that was both functional and inventive. Numerous layers of vitreous enamels were utilised to attain the look that the artist had in mind for the bath. The final design ended up being a one-of-a-kind art bath with a captivating motif that conjures up feelings of serenity and movement.

At Country Cast Baths, our products might feel cold when you first touch them, but their outstanding thermal characteristics make it so that they can retain the heat for prolonged periods. In short, your water will stay warmer for longer, giving you that long, relaxing soak you so desperately crave. If you are interested in finding out more about our beautiful cast iron baths, we’d be happy to answer any questions.

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