Making the right choices with claw foot baths

Making the right choices with claw foot baths

Luxury bathing is something everybody can enjoy. One of the best ways to accomplish this would be with high calibre freestanding cast iron baths. As experts in supplying these stunning bathroom centrepieces, we see to it that each one we offer meets the standards that are expected by our clients. Available for a reasonable price, and coming with traditional claw feet and a stainless steel waste fitting, the tubs in our collection should be the only ones on your mind.

For certain homeowners, claw foot baths are the ideal way of introducing both comfort and style into the bathroom. A tub of this design is an excellent fit for those houses that incorporate a rustic sort of layout. Not to mention, it works brilliantly as a centrepiece. Before choosing a bath however, you need to go over some specifics. Most importantly decisions must be made as to whether any enhancements to the property itself will be necessary to accommodate the bathtub.

The weight of cast iron tubs demands that you put much thought into their installation. For example floors may need reinforcing to ensure they can bear the tub plus the added weight of the water and the person when it is in use.

Your plumbing might also require some modifications if you intend to invest in one of these baths. As you may already suspect, they can hold an impressive level of water, meaning that either a bigger or an additional water heater shall be needed. This is especially true if you are a frequent bather.

Claw foot bath production was at an all time high in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As a result they tend to evoke a traditional look. This generally means they are more suitable for those individuals who are after an antique aesthetic. That doesn’t mean they won’t work with a contemporary style though; just make sure you choose other fittings, accessories and decorations to suit.

At Country Cast Baths, we provide magnificent finishes with all of our freestanding cast iron baths. We are able to bring you a product that is not only durable, but also gives off that authentic aura. That way you can invest with full confidence.

If you are interested in these bathtubs and desire further information on them, you’re welcome to contact us anytime.

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