Let your bath shine brightly

Let your bath shine brightly

Freestanding cast iron baths are the quintessential example of a tub designed for quality bathing. Incredibly durable, easy to clean whenever they become messy, and possessing thermal abilities that retain the heat better than any other model, it’s hard to argue with such a bath. Reasonably priced and made using both classic and modern strategies, ours are the bathtubs you should choose.

Cast iron tubs are capable of adding that vintage glamour to practically any bathroom. They are made from an iron substrate and come with a smooth enamel or porcelain layer on top. Not only does said surface need to be maintained, but it must also be repaired if the situation demands it. If you fail to do this, the enamel or porcelain shall end up stained, worn out, and cracked. Not to worry however, as you can mend and resurrect the tub’s shine for a lifetime if you’re careful.

Start by safeguarding your floors and walling with protective covers like blankets, towels, and bin bags. If the bath’s legs are made of a separate substance make sure you cover them too. For example vintage clawfoot tubs come with metallic legs that have to be covered to avoid damage.

To resurrect the shine consider these steps;

– Start by utilising a razor to get rid of the aged caulk.
– Next, clean your bathtub with a fitting cleaner. Let it settle for five minutes and scrub your tub afterwards.
– With a scrubbing brush, apply some sealer to fill in any chips, scratches, or cracks. Let this rest for 15 minutes before filling the bath and cleaning it again.
– Introduce a coat of primer next and allow it to dry.
– A top coat of specialist porcelain or enamel paint shall be required following this, as will an additional coat of glaze or gloss enhancer.

Once this is all done, your bath should shine bright again.

At Country Cast Baths, not only are we widely regarded for our freestanding cast iron baths, but we’re also known for delivering a peerless customer service experience. We source each of our baths with care and there’s always an impressive inventory to pick from, the contents of which is prepared for collection and delivery at all times.

If you are interested in making a purchase, please give us a call.

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