How to strengthen your bathroom floor

How to strengthen your bathroom floor

If you are currently looking at free standing cast iron baths, the floor strength and framing requires special attention. The consideration of weight should be high, ensuring the floor joists are able to withstand it. A typical bathtub can weigh around 75 pounds, but with a cast iron tub you can expect 300-400 pounds worth of weight. On top of this, when filled with water it can weigh so much more. Additionally, a bathtub is placed in a concentrated area so ensuring the floor can hold is paramount.

A bathroom floor’s load capacity underneath the bath is based mainly on the spacing, size and span of the joists. Traditionally, floor joists are spaced 16 inches from the centre, with them supported by surrounding foundations. You will find that the joists are at an equal distance between their supports. To establish the required load capacity of your current floor, you need to look into the specifications of the building and look at the bath’s load rating.

One thing that prevents deflection is having proper joist support. If the floor joists are located under one or more of the longer edges then these are typically doubled, showing that two were fastened prior to installation. This is what prevents deflection – the floor dipping under the weight of a full bath. If this ever occurs you need to take it seriously; improper flooring is bad news as it can cause thousands of pounds of repair costs.

Free standing cast iron baths usually have a width range big enough for at least one joist of the bathroom positioned underneath. However, when framing the bathroom floor, you need to make sure any joists underneath can allow for enough room for pipe work.

If any additional framing support is required this can be installed on the walls of the bath alcove. We always advise to thoroughly research into your home and bath’s specifications before making any final decisions; especially in terms of a cast iron bath.

Here at Country Cast Baths can provide you with all the necessary information for installing a new bathtub. If you are interested having your own, then please get in contact with us today as we can provide advice on if your bathroom is suitable.

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