How to make your bathroom traditional

How to make your bathroom traditional

When people talk about traditional bathrooms, they usually mean Victorian or Edwardian style. Each of these has one thing in common; they feature free standing cast iron baths. The tub is the centrepiece and focal point of the space. You should do the same with your design rather than placing the tub in a corner.

In spite of the strong history, most people discover these tubs through lifestyle television and magazines. This produces an upsurge in popularity. Furthermore, people have searched high and low for the original features. Unfortunately, baths from the era are few and far between now; along with brass taps. Luckily, many manufacturers today replicate the traditional wares.

What period is your property from?

Remember that only some designs suit certain housing. Traditional styles will always look the best in period properties. However, homeowners have defied this and mixed traditional styles in with modern housing. Keeping this in mind, you also can invest in period wares such as a free standing bath.

The tubs can work elegantly in any kind of setting. They act as a luxurious centrepiece in your bathroom but are still practical. For instance, free mounted floor taps come with the baths, so a separate shower isn’t necessary. Remember free standing tubs can provide a classy edge. For example a modern bathroom could have the tub and a polished wood floor.

Most free standing cast iron baths are bright white. Therefore, we suggest the interior design of the bathroom includes soft tones. Bold colours can work well but be careful. What’s more, try and avoid an all white bathroom; this doesn’t provide relaxation for bathing time.

Additionally, remember the most appealing thing regarding traditional bathrooms is the minimal look. Reducing the clutter will encourage bathers to relax and it also cuts down on cleaning.

If the sound of a cast iron bath appeals to you, Country Cast Baths can supply you the perfect one. If you need further information, contact us today.

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