Getting the best possible use out of your bath

Getting the best possible use out of your bath

When taking a bath, it must be recognised the main aim isn’t just for cleaning. In fact, in this regard showers may be better. People look to bathing as a method for calming themselves, improving mental health as well as soothing physical aches and pains. For highly sensitive people, taking a bath has become a necessity.

The key to relaxation is to start out with the right tub. A freestanding cast iron bath could be perfect, offering comfortable and freedom of positioning. Cast baths are great because they tend to be deeper and the iron retains heat much better than other materials.

To make a good bath, one that’s worthwhile anyway, isn’t as easy as filling it and jumping in; you must plan it effectively. You must aim to achieve a certain mood, curate a playlist and allow enough time for soaking and letting the heat ease your mind and body.

A good idea is to start out by cleaning your bathroom. Some find it difficult to relax in dirty surroundings, so it is advised to put that little bit extra time and effort into getting it spotless. If you are proactive you won’t need to do a big clean every time. Instead smaller ones should be all that is needed to keep on top of it.

Determining what kind of bath you will have is an important step. The most common reasons for bathing include pain relief, de-stressing, pampering and detoxing. If you are seeking pain relief then you may wish to try some natural remedies such as Epsom salt; adding this will provide restorative benefits. For detoxing, seek to use eucalyptus, lavender and other similar natural ingredients.

Gathering everything necessary prior to entering the bath will prevent disappointment. Your checklist could include towels, entertainment a book, tablet or laptop, beauty treatments like bath bombs, and a beverage to help you unwind.

Here at Country Cast Baths, we are confident we supply the right bath for all purposes like the ones listed above. With relaxation quickly achieved, you will be satisfied with the investment. Importantly, cast iron baths are easier to clean and more durable, ensuring they will last much longer.

If you would like to know more please contact us today. You can also view our products on our website.

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