Exploring what type of floor you have

Exploring what type of floor you have

One of the greatest things about free standing cast iron baths is they can be placed almost anywhere in a room. As a result you can make the very best use of the space you have available, selecting the best place for everything rather than having to make do with where each element will fit.

Before you rush in and buy a bath though you need to make sure the flooring will be strong enough to support the weight. Keep in mind that the tubs themselves are heavy and will weigh even more when they are filled with water and have a person in them. The floor must be able to withstand this loading.

If you are placing the bath on the ground floor you should have fewer concerns about the strength of the floor. Above the ground level you have to ensure the materials and joists are strong enough.

The first thing to do in your quest to determine if your upper floors are strong enough is to take a look at the age of the property. Homes built before the 80s typically have wooden floor joists with pine floorboards. Newer homes also tend to have wooden floor joists. In place of pine the floorboards are moisture resistant chipboard made with tongue and grooves.

Both of the above styles of floor joists may be suitable for supporting a cast iron bath as long as the materials are in a good condition. If you are unsure you should have a professional take a look. It is possible to reinforce floors and joists but the job should always be done by trained, experienced professionals.

At Country Cast Baths we provide a wide range of fantastic bathtubs and help clients to ensure they make the right choice. Our team have a huge amount of experience and can offer all kinds of useful tips and recommendations.

You can browse the selection of free standing cast iron baths we have to offer on our website. If you want information about the weights please feel free to contact us.

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