Creating the perfect bath

Creating the perfect bath

Bathing can be traced back thousands of years, and soaking in water has always been considered to be a luxury. From the Roman’s communal baths, to freestanding cast iron baths during the Victorian era, bathing has been a therapeutic retreat for people for centuries. Country Cast Baths aims to provide high quality bathtubs so that the same luxurious escape can still be experienced today.

Taking a hot bath is associated with deep muscle relaxation, helping to reduce cramps and relieve headaches. Whether you are a professional athlete, have a physically demanding job, or just want to be able to relax at home when you wish, a cast iron tub is a great investment.

Some of the ways you can utilise your cast iron bath best are:

Using scented oils: Floral scents like jasmine, rose, and lavender can help you ease into a state of relaxation much quicker. It’s recommended to add the oils when the bath is half full, this way you will have the full bubble effect. Remember to clean up afterwards though so you don’t leave residue in the tub.

Getting that temperature right: Warm baths are the best for unwinding the body. The exact water temperature you want varies depending on what you find relaxing. Generally you should be look between 32 to 38 degrees Celsius. To test it, remember to use your wrist, not your hand, as it’s better at gauging the heat.

Scrub your body: It’s sometimes easy to forget what our skin goes through on a daily basis. A lot of dry skin can build up, so it’s important to pamper it! Gently scrubbing it will also engage your mind.

Close your eyes: Yes, something so simple can help you get into the mode of relaxation. Try using a cold press or cucumber slices over the eyes.

Bath salts: Salts act as an external muscle relaxant and are brilliant for after workouts. They’ve been found to reduce stiffness and inflammation whilst helping to detoxify your skin.

These are just some of the many ways you can fully enjoy freestanding cast iron baths. If the idea has tickled your fancy, then please get in touch with us or browse our online store.

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