Cast iron baths vs. acrylic

Cast iron baths vs. acrylic

If you didn’t already know the luxurious benefits of freestanding cast iron baths, known to be lasting, relaxing and delightful to look at, this will help you understand. Many look to baths in general as somewhere to relax best, de-stress and end their day with. When faced with the hard choice of what bath is best for you and your needs, you have the option of a cast iron or acrylic version.

Many companies thankfully supply a range of both kinds, with many specialists stocking magnificent baths that look as traditional as the originals. Country Cast Baths are one of the leading suppliers of these traditional period baths. We would like to provide a few pointers to help you make your decision.

Acrylic baths

These tubs are non porous and smooth, with a high gloss finish; however this does fade after a while due to the plastic material, especially if exposed to sunlight. Acrylic baths are lasting, but sometimes aren’t as economical as others due to the plastic. However, the surface is easy to clean. It can turn yellow if harsh cleaning products are used though.

Cast iron baths

Regarding these bathtubs, you can certainly get the best of both worlds. Many period bathroom features are timeless centrepieces, and thankfully can look magnificent in modern bathrooms. They too are non porous, with the only potential downsides being their weight and size.

The iron claw or ball feet, clean white enamel, and option of painted exteriors, make freestanding cast iron baths a luxurious focal point for many bathrooms. These baths are deep enough for you to truly feel deep relaxation; paired with its magnificent look and option of floor mounted taps, what more could you want?

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