Cast iron baths stay warmer for longer

Cast iron baths stay warmer for longer

In recent times there has been a great movement in home design and decor of returning to a classical, traditional look. Bathrooms are no exception, with tastes and styles converging on the look and feel of elegant and welcoming cast iron baths. At Country Cast Baths we have always been enamoured with the look and feel of free standing cast iron baths, and so we are delighted to see so many others loving their appeal, just as we are proud to be able to supply the finest selection of cast iron baths available in the UK.

For many, the greatest strength and advantage of a cast iron bath is as straightforward as the appearance of it. Finely crafted free standing cast iron baths deliver a stunning appearance to any bathroom, no matter what size. We are always mindful of how important the appearance of these highly desirable baths are, which is why we ensure that only the finest of vitreous enamels are used in applying the finishing coating to them.

Cast iron baths offer advantages beyond their stunning appearance. A very important consideration to bear in mind is their exceptional longevity. Whereas plastic baths can crack and steel baths coated in enamel are prone to rust, cast iron baths are resilient and durable. A new bath for your home is a big investment. The cost of these baths is, however, off-set by the length of time you will be able to make use of it. Professional bathroom fitters and home owners all tend to agree that cast iron baths last a lot longer than any other kind, always retaining their appearance and being easy to clean.

The above factors are important, but they would be irrelevant if cast iron baths were not pleasant to use. This can of course be a matter of personal preference, but in general those who have tried all forms of baths on the market tend to hold the view that bathing in cast iron baths delivers the most pleasant experience. A great deal of this pleasant experience is drawn from what many call the ‘cast iron’ method of bathing. If you run a cast iron bath full of piping hot water and leave it for a short while, the heat transfers to the bath itself, which means you have a warmer bath to sit in for a longer period of time.

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