Cast iron baths make for a beautiful addition to any bathroom

Cast iron baths make for a beautiful addition to any bathroom

When you want a touch of luxury within your bathroom, look no further than cast iron baths. At Country Cast Baths, we sell a wide range of these baths for both the public and various builders and contractors across the United Kingdom. Since 2009, we have been supplying these high quality products and ensuring that they have been transforming bathrooms across the nation.

All of our baths offer hand-enamelled cast iron interiors, as well as fully integrated waste systems. We sell a range of twelve baths. Bransdale and Coverdale baths are in the bateau style, both including grey iron shells, providing a striking look for a bath. The Garsdale is brilliant white with a metal skirt, but can be painted in your choice of colours to match the colour scheme and design of your bathroom. Littondale and Rosedale are also in the bateau style, with a stunning white finish that can be replaced with a range of colours.

The Glaisdale offers a roll top and hand-crafted iron feet for an elegant touch. The Ryedale is a free-standing bath with a white metal shell. Deepdale and Eskdale are sophisticated roll-top baths offering style, with their cast iron feet, and substance, as they are some of our largest baths available. The Westerdale and Swaledale are beautiful white slipper baths which can be painted in a variety of colours. The Westerdale itself comes with a set of beautiful, carved feet to stand on. Kingsdale utilises an enamelled cast-iron bathtub with a mirrored outer shell, as well as a continuously rolled rim without tapholes and a fully-integrated chromed waste system.

We offer all of our cast iron baths from our own warehouse in Yorkshire, eliminating overheads and sub-contractors which enables you to get a much better deal. We source all of our products by care, ensuring that only the best are sold to our customers. If you want more information about our fabulous range, do not hesitate to call us on 01287 550295. We can also be reached via e-mail at

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