Cast iron baths lend unique charm to any home

Cast iron baths lend unique charm to any home

Everybody wants a beautiful bathroom these days and thanks to the wonders of modern technology combined with traditional features it has become possible for people to create the bathrooms they never thought were possible. Many bathrooms today are a sensational mixture of cool and contemporary elegance and vintage charm and grace. A free standing bath is the very epitome of these features and simply serves as a stunning feature in your bathroom. Here we pride ourselves on being a family run business that truly understands the needs of every customer to make their homes comfortable and luxurious for their families. We supply a magnificent range of free standing cast iron baths that are guaranteed to offer that vintage flair you are looking for whilst simultaneously retaining a modern feel.

Aura and atmosphere are everything in the bathroom. When you get it just right for you and your needs it transforms your space into an incredibly personal environment that offers respite and relaxation. A free standing cast iron bath is the perfect addition to any bathroom. The early 20th century saw the introduction of cast iron roll top baths into most bathrooms even though they had first put in an appearance at the end of the 19th century. Fortunately bathing began to obtain a sense of normality and baths now offer us much more than a method of cleansing.

In just five years we have grown into a company that supplies baths not only to domestic customers but also builders and other areas of industry. We run our business from our own estate which means we have extremely low overheads. This ensures our capability of offering incredibly stylish baths at attractive prices. We adhere to the highest possible standards and all our baths are manufactured to our specific requirements. We create our baths by implementing traditional and modern methods which is why they are such a striking amalgamation of both. They are that rare mixture of beauty, durability and strength at a superb price.

Our selection includes the classic appearance of the roll top that also offers maximum comfort or the skirted slipper bath that delivers real old world beauty. From romantic French inspired design to double ended cast iron baths, there is something for every taste and every bathroom. Many of our baths can be professionally painted to your requirements and all products come with cast iron ball and claw feet along with a complimentary stainless steel waste fitting.

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