Cast iron baths are amazingly strong

Cast iron baths are amazingly strong

Cast iron baths are renowned for offering years and years of service and outperforming every other material in terms of longevity. You can see just how great they are by the fact that many Victorian era tubs still exist and are in usable condition. A cast iron bath is an investment for the future that you can enjoy forever.

Our cast iron baths have a thick enamel coating that is very strong. They offer great chip and scratch resistance and will continue to look good for a long time. On top of the strength they are also infinitely more decorative, coming in a wide range of different styles and designs. You can choose tubs with decorative feet or those that sit flat on the floor. There is also the option to go for free standing models or those that you can position along a wall or in a corner.

Free standing cast iron baths are amongst the most attractive tubs you can choose. They have a fantastic elegance and will become the centrepiece of whatever bathroom you put them in. The material gives them a unique style and also makes them very comfortable once you have filled them. They may take a little longer to warm up at first but as they get up to temperature they will keep water warmer for longer.

Many people are moving away from baths and choosing modern wet rooms because of their faster lifestyles and limited bathroom space. Those people still using baths regard them as places to relax rather than for simple hygiene alone. Cast iron tubs are unbeatable in terms of relaxation because they are comfortable, hold heat better than any other material and offer a sense of luxury.

We have a stunning selection of tubs to choose from so you can find the one that suits the style you want. We have models finished with white enamel, one with a dark grey shell with rivet detailing and a beautiful piece with a mirror finished stainless steel shell. A quick browse through our collection and we’re sure you’ll find a bath to fall in love with.

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