Achieving that gorgeous but practical bathroom

Achieving that gorgeous but practical bathroom

When redecorating your bathroom, often people want it to just be practical without even considering the style. But why is this when you can achieve both? There are many considerations for creating your own functional and fabulous bathroom, including choosing free standing cast iron baths.

Embarking on achieving that luscious layout, you must think about who uses the bathroom space and how it’s already used prior to any work starting or products being bought. The key to a great bathroom is planning. Depending on if children live with you, you may need to consider investing in both a bath and a shower. Having a large or even a double sink installed has become more popular, and can be fitted with clever thought. You are always best off querying your plumber on what practicalities there are to consider.

Cleverly designing your bathroom means being smart with storage space. Nobody likes the sight of cluttered shampoo bottles and toiletries. So make use of behind doors, in alcoves or wall cabinets, and underneath your sink to achieve that minimal look. Opting for beautiful vintage storage units, that add colour and warmth, is good too as they suit a wide range of house styles.

Sourcing only the very best bathroom appliances is key in achieving that gorgeous but practical space. An increasingly popular trend for many kinds of home is installing a cast iron bath. This is due to the baths being both practical and stunning; you even have the option of selecting a shower type floor mounted tap. Along with this, fitting heavily patterned and/or feature tiles to a specific area can give visual impact; helping you to achieve that picture perfect space.

Using a cast iron bath as a centrepiece for bathrooms has been done for over a century. Highlighting any areas around the tub using bold graphics is still both current and very heritage.

One thing that people fail to consider is how lighting can make an impact. To make the most out of your bath time experience, an option of dimmable lighting might help to keep those bath times as relaxing as possible. You can also choose modern touches such as having LED lighting placed above mirrors.

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