A luxury bathing experience, no matter how often

A luxury bathing experience, no matter how often

For some, having a bath is a rare luxury, while for others it is the only way to bathe. Here at Country Cast Iron Baths, we provide a beautiful selection of freestanding cast iron baths. With our range, you can find a tub that will make every bath feel like a luxury; whether you have one every day, or once a month.

Our cast iron tubs withstand the passage of time, ensuring a relaxing bathing experience for years to come. Plus, every bath is crafted with the highest quality materials, with a resistance to the scuffs and scratches that comes with everyday life. For avid readers or TV watchers, our baths retain heat for longer, affording you time to read ‘just one more chapter’ or finish another episode of your favourite show.

With a variety of baths on offer, you can discover your new favourite place to relax. Whether your bathroom is dark or light, we have something to suit your theme. For those looking for a traditional style, The Glaisdale Roll Top Bath hosts an elegant hand-painted white finish with cast iron gargoyle legs in chrome. Alternately, The Bransdale Bath is a contemporary and unique black tub, wrapped in a dark grey shell with rivet detailing.

Furthermore, for those wanting a simple, yet deep design, The Ryedale Bath offers just that. This sophisticated freestanding model has a deep cast iron inner wrapped in a smooth, white metal shell. All our tubs are hand painted with a RAL colour of your choice. So if the standard white does not suit your bathing vision, you can pick a colour of your choice.

For a top quality freestanding cast iron baths at an affordable price, contact Country Cast Iron Baths. Or, book an appointment to choose your new tub today. We are always happy to showcase products and help our clients choose the perfect model for their home.

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