A bath that’s both hygienic and highly customisable

A bath that’s both hygienic and highly customisable

Cast iron baths may have been around since Victorian times, but their popularity today has never been stronger. Setting a new standard for luxury bathing, these tubs possess unmatched thermal properties that enable them to retain heat for longer. Suitable for both modern and classical bathroom designs, you can’t go wrong with one of them.

The cast iron bath is one tub that boasts extreme attractiveness and can act as the centrepiece to pretty much any bathroom. Compared to other types of baths that exist on the market, there are countless reasons as to why people choose to invest in such a product. The aesthetics and longevity are just two worth mentioning.

In terms of hygiene, cast iron baths are a brilliant choice for any home due to how simple it is to clean them. All you need to do is leave them to soak in hot water and a mild detergent to get the job done. Additionally, the smooth enamel surface isn’t an ideal spot for bacteria to thrive. This is especially true when you factor in their strength, which prevents scratches and cracks from manifesting, enhancing the hygienic characteristics of the tub.

Customisation is also a major selling point; these bathtubs have greater levels of freedom in terms of making them unique to you. Unlike other baths, with many cast iron models you are able to alter the feet, wastes and taps, and can paint them in a colour of your choosing. Not to mention, if it proves to be practical, it’s also possible to have one in your bedroom. This allows you to have the luxury experience without having to leave the room.

At Country Cast Baths we stock bathtubs of varying designs, including the likes of the Farndale, Bransdale, Gladsdale, and Kingsdale to name some. Our reputation for competitive prices and supreme quality is one that’s known far and wide throughout the UK. If our products intrigue you and you’d like additional information, please let us know. We are happy to offer further details and advice.

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